Effective management, Quality first; Clients Top, Continue Improving; Win Mutual Development. Only high quality from AUTO


Better Quality --- We strive to continually review and improve our quality systems through Improving our Process control, Inspecting Tech and QC train to achieve 0 defect objective.

On-Time Delivery --- We strive to continually improve customer on-time deliveries, as measured through reschedule reports and customer complaints.

Competitive Price --- We Strive to Continually Review and improve our Process to improve the Tech and decrease the cost to make the part.

Long Term & mutual Development --- We strive to maintain long term our clients and employees, We Provide Improving Train and favorable treatment to our employee to develop together; We Provide more and more favorable business terms to our long term clients, better and better quality and price to achieve our stable but improving development.

Material spectrum.JPGPipe inspection.JPGCMM.JPGProjector.jpgUniversal Test machine.jpg
Material spectrumPipe inspectionCMMProjectorUniversal Test machine
Crack Inspection.jpgHardness test machine.jpgVibration & Fatigue Test.jpg12.3 wheel checking.jpg6594f59443efd.jpg
Crack InspectionHardness test machineVibration & Fatigue TestWheel concentricity and vibration TestISO9001